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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Are you a Libertarian? Take the World's Smallest Political Quiz to find out!

Want to know where you are on the political map? Well, the World's Smallest Political Quiz is for you! The Quiz is a simple questionnaire to find out just where you fit in the political spectrum. When I took the quiz, this is what I got:

Your PERSONAL issues Score is 90%
Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 100%

According to your answers, the political group that agrees with you most is...Libertarian
Libertarians support maximum liberty in both personal and economic matters. They advocate a much smaller government; one that is limited to protecting individuals from coercion and violence. Libertarians tend to embrace individual responsibility, oppose government bureaucracy and taxes, promote private charity, tolerate diverse lifestyles, support the free market, and defend civil liberties.

Try it out! It's easy! http://www.theadvocates.org/quiz

Great Libertarian Websites

Here are some good websites for more info on the LP and libertarianism.

Libertarian Party – http://www.lp.org/

LP Texashttp://www.lptexas.org/

Advocates for Self Government: http://www.theadvocates.org/

Libertarianism: http://www.libertarianism.com/

Cato Institute: http://www.cato.org/

Humble Libertarian: http://www.humblelibertarian.com/

LP Stuff: http://www.lpstuff.com/

Dallas County Libertarian Party: “Good News For Libertarians”

Even as pendulum of partisan politics continues to swing back and forth between the incumbent parties of big government, this year freedom finally has cause to rejoice. More and more people in Dallas and nationwide are beginning to see through the “two-party system”, and they are increasingly seeing the Libertarian Party as a viable alternative. The LP has fielded more candidates, organized more activities, and involved more volunteers than ever before. The incumbent parties have done everything possible to limit ballot access and discourage candidates, but freedom always finds a way to flourish.
The most visible signs of growth come from our candidates. The Texas Libertarian Party had five people register as gubernatorial candidates, and the ultimate nominee, Kathie Glass, has run an impressive campaign. She recently appeared in a televised debate with the candidates from other parties (minus incumbent Rick Perry, who shied away from the chance to make his case to the Texans he works for). She also received an astonishing 8% in a poll conducted by the Texas Tribune, a significant number considering that the Libertarian result was less than 2% in the last two elections.
Other candidates, such as John Jay Myers, are setting records for fundraising and activity. Mr. Myers crossed the $5000 FEC reporting threshold and raised over $7000, a record among Libertarian candidates in the 32nd district. He has aired television ads, sent out 8000 mailers, and participated in countless events. Throughout Texas there is a Libertarian challenger against each U.S. House incumbent (with the exception of Ron Paul, whose positions often match the Libertarian platform). Nationwide, there are about 800 candidates in races at all levels. This is up from approximately 600 in each of the past two election cycles.
These candidates are getting it done, but they are not alone. From top to bottom, more Libertarians are stepping up and taking on leadership roles, including high school and college students. Both Lake Highlands High School and SMU have Libertarian student groups, and they both boasted more members this year than their Democratic and Republican counterparts combined. Leadership at the statewide level has increased as well with more executive committee seats filled this year than for the past six years or more. Also, the state party recently upped its paid staff by hiring a new membership coordinator and two regional directors in the North Texas and the Gulf Coast areas. Having more people who can conduct outreach and fundraising full-time greatly increases the LP’s competitiveness.
Finally, the party’s online infrastructure has matured as well. Our online presence is starting to rival that of the other parties. For example, the national Facebook page now has 119,000 fans, compared to 155,000 and 187,000 for the Democrats and Republicans respectively. Those numbers have risen dramatically, with only 40,000 reported just six months ago. Locally in Dallas, our meetup group was almost non-existent two years ago, but it has swelled to over 200 participants, volunteers, and organizers who are active at our events. These online groups provide valuable resources for campaigns to reach voters, volunteers, and donors.
In short, we are seeing more leaders, more interest, more active candidates, and better results than we have seen in the past. Not only are people realizing the failure of government wars, bailouts, and controls, but they are also seeing that BOTH incumbent parties are the problem. The future is bright for the Libertarian Party and we will continue to build on the foundation we are setting now.
~Dallas County Libertarian Party

Friday, October 29, 2010

Democratic Incumbent Switches to Libertarian Party

In Clark County, Indiana, incumbent county surveyor Bob Isgrigg has switched his affiliation from Democrat to Libertarian as he runs for re-election this year.
Isgrigg has expressed concern about how the county handles its drainage projects, and filed a lawsuit against county officials several years ago.
Read the News and Tribune article about the race.

Elected Libertarian Erik Viker vying for higher office in PA

Erik Viker is the Libertarian Party candidate running for the House of Representatives seat in Pennsylvania’s 85th District. While he is currently running for office, he is also an elected Libertarian serving on the Selinsgrove Borough Council. His campaign has gained momentum and significant press coverage as he fights to break the stagnant two- party system in Pennsylvania.
The Daily Item, a local PA newspaper, recently published an article highlighting Viker’s campaign to bring the government back in to the hands of the people. Vying for an open seat against a Republican and a Democrat, Viker admits: “ ‘I am not a third- party experiment…I am what citizens say they want: an experienced, intelligent, accomplished politician who already knows what is needed.’ ” He is campaigning against the Republicans and Democrats who are too tied down to party politics to make real legislative changes. Viker believes he is a viable third party option who can represent constituents outside of party affiliations.
Viker’s platform centers on fiscal responsibility and minimal government intrusion, and he is campaigning forcefully to get his message to the constituency. Even with limited funds, Viker is using every tactic from door- to- door activity to direct mailers to make sure the people know what they are voting for in November. The most recent press release from the Viker campaign explains that they are attracting not only Independent and Libertarian voters, but also Republicans and Democrats who feel alienated from their own candidates. According to Viker, this election is not simply about winning or losing, it is about changing the way people think about government. For him, a vote for the Libertarian Party candidate is a vote for improving our political system and ensuring that each person is represented equally.
To read more about Erik Viker or to donate to his campaign, visit his website at http://www.erikviker.org/

Steve Kubby: ‘Protecting the Environment v. Defending The Constitution'

By Steve Kubby

Recently, I was sworn in as an official candidate for the South Lake Tahoe City Council, by City Clerk Susan Alessi. Take a look at what I have sworn to do:
“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.”
Taking such an oath is a serious matter to me and it has already changed how I view the world.
For example, I spoke to a couple last weekend at a campaign party I hosted, who were upset that they cannot add a garage or even a carport to their South Lake Tahoe home. In fact, I’ve spoken to a lot of homeowners and businessowners that are extremely frustrated and upset about the restrictions on what they can do with their own property.
One thing is clear, Lake Tahoe is the most regulated real estate in the USA. Homeowners typically must wait several years and spend thousands of dollars to do simple maintenance on their homes. Adding a garage or carport is usually forbidden. All because of a federal agency that has asserted its power to tax, fine and regulate virtually every activitiy and property in the Lake Tahoe Basin.
The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (or TRPA) was formed in 1969 through a bi-state compact between California and Nevada which was ratified by the U.S. Congress. The agency is “mandated” to “protect” the environment of the Lake Tahoe Basin through land-use regulations and is one of only a few watershed-based regulatory agencies in the United States.
Despite the lofty promises, many local residents tell me that big developers with big bucks get the TRPA permits, while everyone else gets fines and moritoriaums.
Whenever someone questions why we must accept such intense regulation, down to what size and color is allowed for signs in the Tahoe Basin, we are told that Federal Law trumps State Law. However, that is simply not true. It is the Constitution that is the highest law of the land. Furthermore, only specific federal powers, as enumerated in the Constitution, are eligible for Supremacy Clause arguments. The 10th Amendment further secures State Sovereignty by transferring all non-enumerated powers to the States and People.
Now consider this: the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s Charter allows a city to pass and enforce their own rules and regulations, so long as they are “stricter” than the TRPA. An even stricter set of regulations would include two guidelines, not just one. The first guideline is to protect the environment. However, an equally important guideline has been ignored. The second guideline would be to, “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.”
This isn’t just prose, or libertarian rhetoric, it is part of the oath of office for all elected officials as well as our police and military. In fact, Article VI of the Constitution requires all elected officials to take an oath to support and defend the Constitution as the highest law of the land.
I believe the City of South Lake Tahoe can and should pass its own simple and easy to impliment regulations, that are based upon protecting the environment AND upholding our sworn duty to protect the Constitutional rights of the citizens of our city. Such rights would include the right of homeowners to add a garage or carport, to repair and maintain their property and to enjoy their property in peace, all without special fees and permits.
Rights delayed are rights denied. The TRPA has a lengthy history of delaying, sometimes for years, basic rights of homeowners. That puts members of the City Council in a position where their oath of office requires them to act and protect our homeowners.
The TRPA cannot invoke the Supremacy Clause, since there is nowhere in the Constitution where the word “environment” is mentioned. So there appears to be no enumerated power upon which to base a Supremacy Clause argument.
The City Council of South Lake Tahoe has the authority to pass its own regulations and a sworn duty to uphold the constitutional rights of our citizens. It is time for the City to replace the complicated, expensive and time-consuming regulations of the TRPA with its own, streamline and simplified land-use regulations. Any City land-use regulations that the TRPA doesn’t like, it can take to a federal court and challenge, but they will have to do so on Constitutional grounds and they will have to argue their case with the burden of proof on them, not our City Council. Meanwhile, the City Council must balance the environment with the Constituion to impliment regulations that protect homeowners and their families.

By Steve Kubby, candidate for South Lake Tahoe City Council. Kubby was the 1998 Libertarian candidate for Governor of California, 2000 and 2008 runner up for the party’s Vice Presidential nomination, and sought its presidential nomination in 2008.